The Slave Bible, A Tool Used to Promote Subservience and Opperssion of African Enslave People

The Slave Bible was used as a potent tool for mind control developed by British missionaries during the era of slavery. Unlike a typical Bible, this version was significantly abridged, omitting passages that addressed themes of freedom and social equality while emphasizing texts that promoted obedience and submission.

Created in the early 19th century, this specially tailored Bible was distributed among enslaved Africans in the Caribbean and British colonies. The intention was to reinforce the idea that slavery was divinely ordained and that slaves should accept their conditions without question.

This abridged Bible served as a vehicle for manipulating the beliefs and mentalities of the enslaved population. By selectively removing verses that challenged the institution of slavery, suppressing any thoughts of rebellion or emancipation. As an example, some 90 percent of the Old Testament and 50 percent of the New Testament were omitted from this version.

One striking exclusion is the story in Exodus, where the Israelites were led to freedom from slavery in Egypt. This omission was deliberate, as it could have inspired enslaved Africans to question their own circumstances and aspire for liberation.

On the other hand, passages promoting subservience and obedience ie. Ephesians 6:5 were retained. The Slave Bible was just one of the strategies of mind control and oppression employed to maintain the inhuman system of slavery.

In recent times researchers, scholars, and activists have been examining its contents as a means to better understand the complexities of the era and the resilience of those who endured such hardships.

While the Slave Bible was a tool of manipulation and control, it also inadvertently sparked resistance and resilience. Despite the missionaries’ efforts, many enslaved individuals found ways to maintain their spiritual and cultural traditions, often blending biblical teachings with their own interpretations of freedom and justice


Talk Africana – This ‘Slave Bible’ Was Once Used As a Powerful Mind Control Device to Control the Enslaved African Population in the Caribbean