How Motown Broke Racial Barriers Like No Other Record Label

In the way its music was presented and the universal themes its artists sang of, Motown broke racial barriers to move everyone, no matter their skin colour.

Published on February 21, 2020 ByIan McCann

Everybody likes Motown. If you haven’t heard a Motown song you like, you haven’t heard the right one. But when Motown started, it was an independent, outsider label struggling to find a wide audience – like so many other Black-owned record companies. Somehow, Motown broke racial barriers, dissolving the lines between Black and white fans to become the principal purveyor of soul music to the world – whatever colour the world might be.

Motown broke the colour barrier and found fans of every race and creed; but it was not just down to brilliant music. The company went out of its way to build an audience wider than any Black label had ever found, yet achieved this while retaining all its soulful qualities.

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